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Neil Young Reissues Decade

Neil Young's long out-of-print three-album collection Decade has been remastered and reissued. It's is available now. While a vinyl version of Decade was released earlier this year for Record Store Day in a limited pressing, the remastered reissue is now available as a two-CD set, in the original three-LP configuration and as a digital download.More »

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Dave Davies Says He’s Still Open To Kinks Reunion

Dave Davies has revealed that he has still not completely ruled out the possibility of a Kinks reunion at some point. Davies and his brother Ray have let rumors swirl about possible reunion of their legendary band for the better part of a decade and both wish washed about the idea at times.More »

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Gene Simmons Withdraws Trademark Application For Hand Gesture

Gene Simmons has officially withdrawn his trademark request for the "devil horns" hand gesture, according to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. In his original request, filed on June 9, Simmons described the sign as consisting "of a hand gesture with the index and small fingers extended upward and the thumb extended perpendicular."More »

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