Tips On Enjoying Your Cruise and Avoiding Rookie Mistakes

By on February 14, 2017

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Cruise ships have now become the pinnacle of a well budgeted vacation. The hustle and bustle of excursions and making 50 new friends in one weekend is what most passengers have to look forward to when aiming for some time off on the open seas. Here are some tips on enjoying your cruise while also avoiding those mistakes you never saw coming.


01) Extend The Fun

Remember that this is your vacation, it goes as well as you plan it, you might consider starting it early. Maybe stay a few nights at a resort or meet up with friends the day before boarding. Consulting with Morris Murdock Travel is a sure-fire way of  ensuring your vacation begins at the perfect time.

Meet Up
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02) Rise And Shine

You’re paying for the cruise ship, take advantage of it! Don’t waste all your time sleeping away in the cabin when you could be taking a refreshing walk on deck or watching the sunrise with your significant other. Wake up early, smell the salty air, and enjoy what you paid for!

Cabin Bedroom
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03) Turn The Phone Off

The thing about cruise vacations is that they are made to get away from your reality. If you continually linger on social media you are defeating the very purpose of getting away. It’s best to disconnect from the world and leave the device in your cabin.

Turn Off Phone
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04) Eat At Off Times

The problem with the typical 9am, 12pm, and 6 o’clock schedule is long food lines. Instead of eating during regular times, aim for off times when passengers are busy with other activities. 

Food Lines
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05) Take The Pill

Chances of a person getting seasick on a cruise is relatively high, research shows it largely affects women and children. Luckily there is an excellent way of preventing the setback from happening, taking medication before the cruise such as ‘Dramamine‘ is a foolproof way to stopping motion sickness from catching up to you.

Seasick Pills
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06) Getting Left Behind

A common mistake many passengers make at port is neglecting time. Most travelers like to take off to explore an island or hop on the closest tour bus without think about when they need to be back onboard. Ensure that you know when your cruise is leaving port and keep track of the time.

Cruise Port
Photo via Sid Lipsey

07) Eating Only Buffet Style

Buffets are amazing but they are not the only source of food aboard a cruise ship. Most cruise lines have a main dining room included in the experience. Ask a crew member if there are any specialty restaurants aboard your cruise ship, otherwise you might miss out on all the food action!

Cruise Restaurants
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08) Not Using A Travel Agent

In an age where everyone plans out vacations online,  the amount that you pay a travel agent to find the best deals, best travel costs, and best excursions is well worth it. Morris Murdock always has amazing offers with savings “reaching 70- 80% off brochure prices.

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09) Not Putting Your Phone In Airplane Mode

Most passengers are so enthusiastic with the excitement of being on a cruise ship that they forget that charges run up on cellphones once roaming. Don’t forget to turn your cellular data off or switch over to airplane mode so that your phone carrier doesn’t charge you some hefty costs.

Phone Data
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10) Budget For Added Expenses

If you believe that all the fun excursions off the cruise ship are included in the prices, then you’re in for a shock. Confirm with your travel agent before boarding what is included in the cruise price and budget your money accordingly for any souvenirs, alcohol, and off boat activities.

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Remember To Have Fun!

A cruise is the perfect way to get going on a perfect getaway vacation with some amazing deals but if your not totally sure where to start Morris Murdock will help you plan the trip of a lifetime.

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