Utah’s Classic Rock 103.5 The Arrow is all about the music! Our Classic Rock Radio station spotlight those one-in-a-million artists whose passion has withstood the test of time. Crank up the Arrow for everything from Aerosmith to ZZ Top and everything in between like Bon Jovi, Def Leppard. The Eagles, Guns and Roses, Fleetwood Mac, Ozzy Osbourne, and Led Zeppelin. Also, listen for cash contests to line your pockets with free money. It’s the music that made you cool as a kid and keeps you cool as an adult! It transcends generations, bonding them together like nothing else can.

103.5 The Arrow is a heritage Classic Rock radio station with centuries of on-air talent including Jon Smith, Sue Kelley, Gary Michaels, Wooly Waldron, and Steve-O.  You can also catch Off the Record with Uncle Joe Benson on Sunday Nights at 8:00 PM MDT. Uncle Joe shares his vast knowledge of classic rock artists and plays their best music, through his in-depth conversations with the artists, you’ll hear many of their behind the scenes stories.

If you are new to the Salt Lake City area or just curious about what are the best classic rock radio stations near me, then please check out our live stream.