Now This Is The BYU Utah Rivalry We Deserve

By on September 6, 2017

Scott Mitchell and Jason Buck know the BYU Utah rivalry better than anyone.  Scott still holds almost all quarterback records at the University of Utah, and Jason Buck is still the best defensive player BYU ever put on the field.  They both played in the NFL, and now together they host the Rivals podcast for 103.5 The Arrow.

Over the past several weeks, they’ve put together their rivalry dream team.  They fielded two fantasy teams made up of the best of the best at each position.

The Quarterbacks

For Scott this one was easy.  He’s still the best at the U.  Plus, he set single season records for TDs and passing yards with the Detroit Lions.  But for Jason, to pick the best QB in Brigham Young University history is more difficult.  They don’t call it “Quarterback U” for nothing.  With guys like Jim McMahon, Ty Detmer, and Steve Young, it’s a tough call.

The Linebackers

This episode is… awkward.  Utah football’s Coach Kyle Whittingham played as a linebacker for BYU.  And he was good.  Good enough that Jason probably wants him back on the field in a blue jersey.  Do you think he’ll go for it?

The Coaches

Jason had the easy pick here.  LaVell Edwards can’t be beat.  The University of Utah, however has a few other options.  Of course, fans are loving Coach Kyle Whittingham.  He’s introduced them into the PAC- 12 and the Utes are in a real golden age.  But don’t forget about Urban Meyer.  Coach Meyer was with the Utes for only a few years, but with multiple national championships he’s one of the best coaches college football has ever seen.

The Running Backs & Fullbacks

BYU is pass- happy but LaVell Edwards loved to run the football, so the Y has some great running backs in its past.  Utah has a great record sending running backs the NFL.

The Offensive Line

Both Jason and Scott have a relationship with the offensive line.  Jason focused his career on defeating the defensive line, but Scott relied heavily on their success.  Listen for old school names like Mo Elewonibi (who played with Jason at Washington Redskins) and Bart Oates.  Scott’s picks are a little more recent, like Jordan Gross and Zane Beadles.

The Receivers & Tight Ends

What’s a quarterback without a receiver, right?  “I like your team, Jason, but I LOVE my team.”  That’s how Scott eggs on Jason in this episode.  Still, BYU is no slouch in the receiver game.  Jason kicks off with Glen Kozlowski, who did six seasons with Chicago Bears.  Scott answered with a first pick of Steve Smith who recently finished his NFL career with the 7th most receiving yards in NFL history.  Not bad.

The Special Teams

Scott and Jason take some time for a little good- natured on- field ribbing of the special teams.  They do admit, however, the critical role they play on the team.

The Defensive Line

This is Jason Buck’s episode.  He won the Outland Trophy playing the line for BYU.  He also went to Super Bowl XXIII with the Cincinnati Bengals and then won Super Bowl XXVI with Washington Redskins.


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