Utah Drives: Give your mom more than a gift for Mother’s Day

By on April 26, 2018
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A gift is great but sometimes a gesture is more meaningful, and may not cost you as much. Flowers die. Jewelry gets lost. Try giving your mom a memory this Mother’s Day.

  1. Take her on a drive to see the sunset – This one is easy. Take your mom for a drive to catch a sunset. Here in Utah, you won’t have to go far to catch a spectacular one. We suggest Antelope Island. For bonus points with mama, take some of her favorite snacks.
  2. We had a busy day with SpiderFest but it is ending with a peaceful sunset. #antelopeisland

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    2. Clean something – Moms are busy and taking something off of her to do list will free up some of her time to sit back and relax. Try cleaning out the garage or detailing her car.

  3. 3. Plant her a small garden – Or it doesn’t even need to be a garden, maybe a small pot of flowers to set outside the front door. This is a gift she can care for and enjoy all summer. And who doesn’t love flowers in Spring
  4. 4.Take her on a sunrise hike – Think you don’t have time for a large gesture? Try waking up an hour earlier and taking your mom on a hike to see the sunrise. She won’t mind waking up that early if it means getting to spend time with you.
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    5. Make dinner – Another thing you can take off her to do list. Find out her favorite food and surprise her with a home-cooked meal. Just remember to clean it up and do all the dishes.

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