Scott Mitchell Wants to Know: ‘Will Football Season Just Get Here Already?’

By aoligschlaeger on July 30, 2018

It’s so close you can almost hear the whistles blowing and maybe even smell the nachos cooking. That’s right it is nearly the most wonderful time of the year. Football season.

Here at the Arrow, we can give you special access to all things football through a past University of Utah and NFL Quarterback, Scott Mitchell. He hosts two, in-depth, sports podcasts and they are here to help you get excited as the season approaches. Or maybe even scratch that football itch


First, on Rivals Podcast, they are counting down the college football season, by asking local sports insiders who their Utah and BYU football “dream teams” would be. Plus, it’s just 6 weeks away, it’s coming up fast! That’s right, any era, any player, any coach. Then they’ll get to stack their teams.

Brad Rock, Alex Kirry and Amy Donaldson are just a few people we will get inside the brain of as they stack their teams.

Rivals needs your help! We want to know your “dream team,” because let’s face it, fans sometimes know more than the insiders. Like and follow Rivals on Facebook to join the conversation.

Helmets Off

Next, if you are more into the NFL, Helmets Off Podcast has just the countdown you need. For the next eight weeks, host of Helmets Off, Scott Mitchell, is breaking down each position. Then he is going to talk about the qualities required to be great at each position. And they are all VERY different.

The show is in two segments. In the second segment, Scott will give an example of the best player (in his opinion) to every play at each position. Disagree? Tell them on Facebook. You may even get a shout out on the podcast.

He is starting off with the offensive line and you’ll have to see where it goes from there.

You can check out Rivals on Apple and Google Play, and you can download and subscribe to Helmets Off on Apple and Google Play or find both shows right here on The Arrow 103.5’s website.

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