Unexpected places to buy records

By Saige Miller on June 5, 2019
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It’s no secret that records are back in style. Faux vintage record players are popping up at department stores around the country. Retail stores have dedicated sections for the hottest releases on vinyl. However, when looking through the shelves at Target, there isn’t going to be Pat Benatar or The Rolling Stones.

That’s the problem–these stores aren’t carrying the classics. The places that are going to have the basics are going to be the places no one really thinks about. Unexpected luck comes from unexpected places.

There’s something therapeutic and rewarding about finding a golden record. Whether it be a classic rock album or a grand symphony performing Bach. The sound of the needle hitting a well-loved record is nothing less than satisfying.

Here are some places to find your favorites, new favorites, and do a little crate digging!

1. Estate sales

A vastly underrated place to scope out authentic vinyl! The coolest thing about finding records at estate sales is the history behind the record. There’s a chance you could find an original press of Ella Fitzgerald or a signed copy of The Beatles. Keep an eye out for estate sales in your area!

2. Deseret Industries and other local thrift stores

There is something for everyone at a thrift store. The eclectic mix of tunes laid out before every shopper can sometimes be daunting and that’s part of the fun! Everything from classic rock to 1920’s Christmas music. Records usually run $.50-1. At that price, might as well buy every single one!

3. Garage sales

Garage sales are a great play to find lightly used records! Minimal scratches, probably still in the packaging. Certain genres will definitely more popular than others, so it can be hit or miss. However, uncertainty is part of the fun!

5. Facebook Marketplace

People in your community could be selling stacks of records they don’t listen to anymore. Bound to find an album you’ll reminisce on. The cool thing about buying from someone in your community is they appreciated the music just as much as you will.

6. KSL.com

A great source to buy vinyl for a little cheaper! Most records are sold individually and there’s a great mix of music. Buy through a local channel takes out the cost of shipping and handling which is a little victory on its own!

7. Craigslist

Sometimes people will give away their record collection FOR FREE! Even if there isn’t a single album you like, you paid exactly $0 for it. Free records aren’t always the case, however, Craigslist frequently has people trying to sell their records.

8. Antique shops and flea markets 

A cool assortment of records can be found at antique shops! Depending on the shop, the collection varies in size. You’re bound to come across a record that catches your eye. Antique records are there to take you back in time for just a few minutes.

Don’t forget to check out your local record stores for all the unique finds they have to offer! One thing nifty about local record shops is they sometimes carry music from local musicians. It never hurts to discover what talent our city has!

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