A City in Mexico Witnessed an Insane Hailstorm

By Saige Miller on July 2, 2019
Close up of hail covered ground after the hailstorm. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Nothing like a little unexpected snow at the end of June!

A hail storm swept over Guadalajara, Mexico over the weekend, covering the city in nearly 5 feet of ice! The weather is unlike anything the city (and most humans for that matter) has ever seen. Residents were trapped in their cars, semi-trucks were swimming through the city, and approximately 200 homes and businesses report hail damage.

People were sitting on top of cars because there wasn’t much else they could do. Approximately 50 vehicles were swept away due to the storm.

People were greeted with a mountain of snow… in their houses.

The storm is essentially an ice tsunami. Watch how quickly the storm moves throughout the streets.


Bulldozers were used to help clear the streets and dig cars out from under the snow. The day following the storm, temperatures were in the high 80’s and the ice began to melt rapidly.

Thankfully, there’s been zero reported injuries, just a whole lot of damage control.

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