Police pull a six-foot snake from a car engine in Connecticut

By mbrooks on July 6, 2019
(East Windsor Police Department Facebook page)

By Matthew Brooks

A police officer in Connecticut responded to a call about an animal stuck in a car on the Fourth of July. The holiday meant animal control was not available. Pest services were off for the holiday, too. The police took action to solve the mystery and help the driver.

Upon arrival, the police could see that animal was not in the seat of the car. It was around the engine block.

When the police were finally able to extricate the stowaway, the police realized it was a 6-foot-long snake.

This was the scene on Winton Road a short time ago. A 6-foot long snake 🐍 , possibly a Boa constrictor, slithered under a vehicle and wrapped itself around the engine block. Officers on-scene, with the help of by standers, were able to remove the snake and put it into a crate. It is likely someone’s pet that got out in the area, but for now it will be taken to a wildlife center. Thank you to all those who helped us remove the snake 🐍 . Not exactly the call we were expecting today…..Happy 4th, be safe!

Posted by East Windsor, CT Police Department on Thursday, July 4, 2019

On a Facebook post, the East Windsor police department admitted that the snake stint is not business as usual.

“This may surprise you but we, the police, are not normally in the business of wrangling snakes,” the department wrote.

The first responders placed the long reptile into a crate. The next stop for the snake was a nature center.

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