Starfish are all the rage on social media

By mbrooks on July 7, 2019
File – Young woman in white swimsuit with snorkel and mask snorkeling with an alive starfish in the Caribbean waters. (Getty Images)

By Matthew Brooks

Starfish are all the rage these days. There are many recent social media posts featuring the strange and striking sea animals.

The creatures have an undefinable appeal with their five arms and lack of brains.

They naturally live in the water. The starfish are quite capable of getting around on dry ground.

This awkward walk of a beached specimen is finesse and grace compared to a certain baby human starfish.

Some starfish look like ravioli. This brings a new dimension to the word “seafood.”

(NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, Windows to the Deep 2019)

One who lives at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California looks like he has been giving it all at the local gym.

The cool invertebrates apparently hang out with anemones, kelp, and mussels.

Scientists recently spotted a rare starfish. Excitement abounded within the field of marine biology, according to the report.

They do have five arms. They do not have legs nor tentacles. Each of those five arms have little feet underneath. It does have a brain-like system. It does not have a centralized brain. Being popular does not depend on intelligence anyway.

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