Black Bear Causes Traffic Jam in Orem, Utah

By Saige Miller on September 18, 2019
Black bear found in Orem, Utah. Photo credit: Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

It was an exciting morning commute for drivers in Orem, Utah. Why? A black bear was spotted in a tree near State Street, causing traffic delays Wednesday.

The black bear in a tree in Orem, Utah. Picture credit: Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

The 2-year-old chocolate-colored black bear just wanted to scope out city life! Orem police, fire crew, and Utah Division of Wildlife Resources responded to the incident.

Biologists believe the bear may have wandered out from the mountains east of Orem.

Orem authorities removing a black bear from a tree. Photo credit: Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Utah Divison of Wildlife Resources was able to safely tranquilize and remove the bear from the tree. The furry friend was placed in a trap and will be released to the Wasatch Mountains.

Everyone, including the bear, is safe and sound!

Picture of the black bear in Orem. Picture credit: Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

If you are to ever encounter a bear in the wild or on the streets, here’s what to do, according to Utah Division of Wildlife Resources:

  • Stand your ground: Don’t walk, run, move, or play dead. Remain calm and give the bear a chance to leave. Be prepared to use bear spray or something equivalent
  • Don’t run away or climb a tree: News flash. The bear is faster than you. The bear will win. And you will be sad.
  • Know bear behavior:  A bear making noises is absolutely normal. They’re not being aggressive, they’re just existing.

If a black bear attacks:

  • Use bear spray: Then leave. Studies show bear spray being 92% effective. Don’t have any? Buy some here.
  • Shoot to kill: Don’t fire a warning shot. Aim for the center of the bear and continue firing until the bear is dead. Notify the Division of Wildlife Resources immediately.
  • Always fight back: Humans can fend off a bear with almost any object. Water bottles, sticks, rocks, even the good ol’ arms and feet.


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