The Chuck E Cheese band is breaking up..

By jsmith on November 19, 2019
NEWARK, CA – JANUARY 16: A sign is posted in front of a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant on January 16, 2014 in Newark, California. CEC Entertainment, operator of 577 kid-themed restaurants, announced today that it has agreed to be purchased by private equity firm Apollo Global Management for $1.3 billion. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

I mean, we write about bands, right?  So The Chuck E Cheese band breaking up..  That’s news.

By Jon Smith:

The Chuck E Cheese band.. Or rather, Munch’s Make Believe Band. That’s the actual band name, has been forced into retirement. After 42 years, the group’s longtime residency as the Chuck E. Cheese house band will come to end with a major redesign of the 600 Chuck E Cheese locations.

Now, it’s worth noting here that here in SLC, this happened a while ago. Like, YEARS ago. But we all remember the creepy dull lifeless eyes of Mr Munch behind the keys, and the racially insensitive stereotype Italian pizza guy, Pasqually, complete with spinning mustache on the drums.


Even before that, Mr. Munch was a gorilla at Showbiz Pizza Place and instead of Chuck-E, we had Billy Bob the bear. They were the ROCK A FIRE EXPLOSION.  The two merged sometime in the early ’90s



But those days are gone, and this will be another great band on the list of bands we’ve had to say goodbye to in recent years. The band will be replaced by an interactive dance floor and some mad DJ skillz from Chuck-E.


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