London is on lockdown thanks to Covid-19, so the city has decided to refresh the crosswalk made famous by the Beatles.

By Jon Smith:

The crosswalk, which was actually designated a national landmark by the British government in 2010, was repainted by a Highways Maintenance crew last week

Located at the intersection of Abbey and Grove End Roads in St. John’s Wood and only a few feet from the studio where the Beatles recorded most of their albums.  In August of 1969, the band spent about ten minutes walking back and forth across the crosswalk, while a photographer named Iain Macmillan took 6 photos.  Photo #5 was the one that actually made the cover of the album.  There was a famous feud with the record label about the fact that the band’s name did not appear on the cover.  The label was concerned that no one would buy the album.  Ha.