TRIVIA: Test Your Steve Miller Band Knowledge

How well do you know the Steve Miller Band? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of the legendary blues band.

By bonneville on August 28, 2023
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BURBANK, CA – SEPTEMBER 12: Steve Miller Band performs on the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno” at the NBC Studios September 12, 2003 in Burbank, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

You’ve likely sung along to “The Joker,” “Fly Like an Eagle,” or “Rock’n Me” at a karaoke bar (and if you haven’t, what’s stopping you now?) – but how much do you know about the Steve Miller Band? Test your knowledge by answering these trivia questions to prepare for their upcoming show at the Utah State Fairpark on September 12!

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What does “pompatus of love” mean?

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“Pompatus” itself does not mean anything but likely came about from the word “puppetutes” and “pismotality” from Vernon Green’s doo-wop song “The Letter” (1954). “Pompatus” is included in lyrics in three of Steve Miller Band’s songs: “The Joker,” “Enter Maurice,” and “The Conversation.”

In what year was the Steve Miller Band's album "Fly Like an Eagle" released?

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Following up from “The Joker,” which was released in 1973, “Fly Like an Eagle” was received with great acclaim. It features the hits “Take the Money and Run,” “Rock’n Me,” and its title track, “Fly Like an Eagle.”

What is Steve Miller’s full name?

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Steven Haworth Miller was born to two jazz enthusiasts, George and Bertha Miller, on October 5, 1943. Haworth likely was a family name passed on.

Which artist originally wrote “Gangster of Love,” who Steve Miller pulled his persona and lyrics from?

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Steve Miller performed and learned from all of these legendary artists, but the “Gangster of Love” was originally written by Johnny “Guitar” Watson in 1957.

Where was Steve Miller born?

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Steve Miller was originally born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but he has spent significant time living in all of these places.

Aside from guitar and vocals, what other instruments does Steve Miller play? (Select all that apply)

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Steve Miller worked with harmonica player Paul Butterfield when he moved to Chicago. He has also played keyboards with assistance from other band members throughout the band’s discography.

What was an earlier name of the Steve Miller Band?

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The band started out as the Steve Miller Blues Band, but they were told by record executives to shorten the name so it would be easier to say.

How many albums did the band release until the hit “The Joker” came out?

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Six whole albums until the band broke through to the charts! If that’s not motivation to keep trying, we don’t know what is.

Where did the Steve Miller Band start?

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Steve Miller spent time in all of these places, but when he moved to San Francisco, he became inspired by the music scene and decided to form his band there.

Which member of the Beatles has contributed to a Steve Miller Band track?

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Songs from Steve Miller Band’s early period are featured in a portion of the double album compilation “Anthology,” which includes a guest appearance on bass guitar, drums, and backing vocals by Paul McCartney (as Paul Ramon) on "Celebration Song" and "My Dark Hour".

Which record label produced the majority of Steve Miller Band’s albums?

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When Capitol Records signed The Steve Miller Band in 1967, their contract included $860,000 over five years and $25,000 for promotion to be spent at the band's discretion.

Aside from Steve Miller, which band members are from the original lineup?

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Kenny Lee Lewis has been with the band since 1983, making him the longest current member (outside of Steve Miller) in the band. Joseph Wooten has played in the band from 1993 - present. Legendary harmonicist Norton Buffalo played with the band on and off from 1976 until the time of his passing in 2009.

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