Lars Ultrich: Metallica could keep going for twenty more years

By mbrooks on September 27, 2019
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – NOVEMBER 26: Drummer Lars Ulrich (L) and singer/guitarist James Hetfield of Metallica perform during a stop of the band’s WorldWired Tour at T-Mobile Arena on November 26, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

By Matthew Brooks

Metallica drummer and founding member Lars Ulrich says Metallica could keep going for another twenty years.

“I’m pretty sure that the notion of us playing or functioning when we’re 76 mentally is not a stretch at all. In terms of the desire to want to play music, connect with each other, connect with the fans and take Metallica music, I think that we can, definitely,” Ulrich says.

The band has no intention of stopping anytime soon, he tells Pollstar.

“It’s not so much about like selling out or not selling out,” Ulrich says. “It’s getting an opportunity to play to fans that don’t get a chance to see us very often.”

He tells Pollstar that the band has chosen to structure its tours so the band members don’t get burned out.

“We played these shows in sort of two-week increments, which gives us a chance to sort of look at the long game rather than how we’d go out and play, you know, 100 shows over 130 days, and then we all fall over and can’t deal with the physical and mental fatigue of it,” Ulrich says.

An energized band and an energized fan base works well for everyone.

Ulrich says the touring environment is better than it has been.

Between indoor and outdoor, among stadium, arena and festivals, a variety of venues appeals to a wider base of fans.

“So the fatigue factor is kept to a minimum, both from the band and from the audience’s point of view. So that’s really cool. And it gives you an incentive to just keep going because, ultimately, this is what we do,” Ulrich adds.

Metallica is going to keep going, he says, because Metallica is not going to stop making new music.

“I’ll tell you which one is my favorite record: the next one, the one we haven’t recorded yet. It’s always about the possibilities. It’s always about what can be, it’s always about what’s coming. And that, to me is, is really what this is all about,” Ulrich says.

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